Why Are Tesla Bumper Repairs Unique?

If you’ve purchased a Tesla from your local Denver dealership, then you probably know how unique these vehicles are. Their impressive mileage and minimalistic design have made them the most popular electric vehicle in the US by far. However, they’re also notorious for being very expensive. Not only are they costly to purchase, but the insurance rates and associated repair costs are far more than other vehicles due to their uniqueness. When you take your car to a Tesla dealership, small bumper scratches can cost you more than $1,200. However, with FR Bumper’s mobile bumper repair service, that price is less than half. Here’s what makes Tesla bumper repairs so unique and specialized, and why you should only trust repair services that are equipped to repair Teslas specifically. 

Typical Auto Body Repair

The main reason that Tesla repairs are so unique and require special knowledge to complete is the materials that they’re made up of. Most cars are made of a combination of steel and plastic. Typically, the main body is steel and the bumper is made of plastic. Both materials are durable and easy to work with, so any auto body repair technician can perform these repairs and make them look as good as new. 

Tesla Auto Body Repair

Teslas, however, are made of primarily steel and aluminum, which is what makes them unique to repair. Aluminum is a lightweight material, which makes the car lighter and is great for marketing and initial engineering. However, while it is generally quite durable, aluminum is thin and can tear if the technicians are not familiar with aluminum body repairs. 

Aluminum Certified Bumper Repair Technicians

Before we work on your Tesla, we’ll assess which model you have and where the damage is on the car in order to determine which material we’ll be working on. We’ll then send one of our Aluminum Certified technicians to repair your Tesla. Aluminum Certified technicians have taken classes on aluminum body repair and have experience handling it without causing further damage. If a technician does not have an aluminum certification, they may not know to avoid certain procedures or use tools that are specifically made for working on aluminum. If the technician uses tools with steel shavings, a chemical reaction between these shavings and the aluminum could occur and only further damage the area that is being worked on. For this reason, it’s imperative that your technician has the proper knowledge, certification, and tools needed to complete the auto body repair to the highest standard.

Inexperienced technicians likely won’t be comfortable working with a more pliable material, and they may end up leaving behind smaller dents or a wave effect instead of a perfect finish like you’d expect. However, FR Bumper Solutions will ensure that our Tesla repair technicians are Aluminum certified and fully qualified to repair your luxury vehicle flawlessly. No matter what make or model your vehicle is, we guarantee it will look as good as new by the time we’ve finished our repairs. With our mobile bumper repair service, you can enjoy quick, thorough, and hassle-free repairs wherever you are in Denver. For more information or to receive a free estimate on your bumper repair, give us a call at (720) 222-5044 today.