When is Hail Season in Denver?

As one of the most hail-prone cities in all of the United States, we all know that hail season is approaching quickly here in Denver. Although hail storms are nothing new to residents of Denver and the Front Range, it’s still frustrating to walk out to an unexpected hail storm destroying the car you know and love. This year, we’re helping you to “expect the unexpected” by breaking down the when and how to prepare for the upcoming season of questionable sized ice balls falling from the sky.

When is Hail Season

The hail season in Denver and Colorado starts April 15th and ends September 15th. The harshest hail storms usually occur in the window between June and August. Hail is typically the size of a pea or a marble. However, last season in Denver, some hail storms had hail ranging from the size of a teacup to a baseball.

How to Prepare for Hail Season

Hail Storms in Denver are inevitable, but there are things that you can do to prepare for it. Every year, there are millions of dollars worth of damages to houses, buildings, cars, and other property. Double check your insurance policies to ensure they are set to cover potential hail damages.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and wait for storms to pass. No one wants to get stuck out in the hailstorm, and the forecast is your safest bet to ensuring when the weather will be clear. If possible, wait for the storm to pass to get on the road.

For cars, we highly recommend parking in a safe, covered area such as a garage, carport, or parking structure. We do not recommend parking under trees or other things that can break and cause further damage to the car. If you’re unable to park in a covered area, invest in a car cover to protect your vehicle and minimize damage.

What to Do if You Experience Hail Damage

At the end of hail season, Denver residents file their claims for hail repair. There are three types of hail damage on cars, all of which can be covered with car insurance. Here at Front Range Bumper Solutions, we repair dents, glass damage, as well as scratches and chips. For dents, we typically do paintless dent removal (PDR) but can also complete traditional dent repair if there are paint damages. Scratches and chips are easily buffed, sanded, and repainted. Broken and cracked windshields are replaced after the correct glass part is ordered. We always aim to fix our customer’s car to make it look as new as possible.

If you’re in search of an auto hail repair, Front Range Bumper Solutions is here for you! We offer top-notch hail repair at our body shop in Denver. Feel free to call us at (720) 222-5044 or submit a form on our contact page!