Tips for Hail Season in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is one of the most hail-prone cities in the United States and residents throughout the Front Range are preparing for the upcoming inevitable hail season. Although hail season doesn’t officially start until mid-April, there may still be the occasional hail fall before then. Here’s how to be prepared for hail season regardless of what the weather may hold!

GET INSURANCE – There are millions of dollars worth of property damages every year due to hail. So first things first, double check your insurance policies for your house, cars, and other properties to ensure that you’re covered in case of damages!

PROTECT YOUR ROOF – Most roofs in Colorado Springs are capable of withstanding hail damage, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Take some time to evaluate the conditions of your roof before the hail season starts and after an intense hail storm. If there are any questionable damaged areas, reach out to a roofing contractor to help repair the damages.

HAVE A PLAN – Hailstorms have a habit of disrupting electrical services and other everyday services. Create a disaster preparedness plan that includes a survival kit and emergency evacuation plan for you and your family, just in case.

STAY INFORMED WITH THE WEATHER – Keep an eye on the forecast for hail storms, so you know when to be inside. It’s not fun being stranded outside in the middle of a hail storm, so if you can avoid it, stay indoors where you are protected! Being informed with the weather forecast will ensure when the weather is clearest for you to be on the road or outside.

PROTECT YOUR CAR – You car is one of the most significant investments you’ll make, so it’s important to make sure it’s protected! It’s best to park in a safe and covered area such as a carport, garage, or parking structure for maximum hail protection. If you’re unable to park in a covered area, think about getting in a car cover to protect your vehicle and minimize damage. Keep in mind that trees are not considered protection because hail can easily break the tree and cause further damage to your car!

If by the end of the hail season you need an auto hail repair, Front Range Bumper Solutions is here for you! We proudly offer high-quality hail repair at our body shop in Colorado Springs, and we can work with your insurance too! For a free estimate, give us a call at (720) 896-2530 or submit a form on our contact page!