Mobile Repair Service vs Auto Body Shop: Which is Superior?

Bumper damage is an eyesore for most Salida car owners, and you’ll likely want to have any damage fixed right away. However, the hassle and cost of car repairs can often encourage you to put off the repair process or forego it altogether until you receive more extensive damage. Especially when the damage is cosmetic and doesn’t affect the functioning of your car, it can be tempting to ignore it until another day. However, mobile repair services are becoming a preferred resource for bumper and dent repair over auto body shops due to their superiority in a variety of factors.


One of the biggest reasons that Salida residents and car dealerships turn to a mobile repair service is because of the lower cost. Our mobile service and resulting lack of overhead allow us to charge far less than auto body shops while not sacrificing on repair quality. We are also able to charge less because we get the job done more quickly. With auto body repair, time is money and they keep your vehicle in their shop for days on end. Therefore, they charge you not only for the work done, but also for the time that your vehicle has spent sitting in their shop not getting worked on. Here at Bumper Buddies, our pricing is always fair and fully transparent, with charges only for the work we’ve done and the several hours we’ve spent actively working on your vehicle. We provide free, no-obligation estimates before we begin any work, so you can feel comfortable through every step of the process.

Although we perform our repairs more quickly and at a lower cost, we still provide you with the same exceptional repair quality you’d find at an auto body shop. All of our repair technicians are fully certified and have extensive experience working in body shops. With years of experience completing high-quality auto repairs, our technicians will ensure that each repair is finished to the highest standard. Our technicians all receive comprehensive training in bumper repair and repainting procedures, so you’re guaranteed to receive the same quality of service as you would at an auto body repair shop. The quality of our work is so exceptional, Salida car dealerships trust us to come and repair their vehicles for them when they’re damaged! If you want quality that even your car dealership trusts, look no further than FR Bumper Solutions.

Time & Convenience

Mobile bumper repair is preferred by many Salidas residents and car dealerships over auto body shops because it’s extremely convenient and hassle-free for the customer. Instead of taking time out of your day to drop off your vehicle and spending days stranded without it, mobile dent repair allows you to relax at home and have your car repaired at your convenience. We’ll travel to wherever you are – home, work, or local coffee shop – and repair your vehicle in just a matter of hours. 

If you have a vehicle in need of bumper repair, trust a mobile repair service like Front Range Bumper Solutions. We offer the same impeccable quality as a body shop, but in a fraction of the time and at much less cost to you. Whether your vehicle has dents, scratches, scuffs, punctures, or cracks, we’ll take care of your car and have it looking as good as new in no time. For a free estimate, give us a call today at (720) 222-5044. We’re always happy to answer any questions Salida residents may have about mobile bumper repair.