How Many Times Can You Repair Your Bumper Before It’s Unsafe?

Denver residents know that minor car damage is unavoidable. If it doesn’t happen on your morning commute, it’ll more than likely happen when you’re parked and feel the safest from collisions. No matter when bumper damage occurs, it’s important to have it repaired right away. But, did you know that you can only repair your bumper a certain number of times before you need to replace it? Repeated damage can compromise the safety of your bumper and, therefore, your car’s passengers. Here’s why you should consider bumper replacement rather than bumper repair.

Protect Essential Parts of Your Vehicle

Your bumper doesn’t just have an aesthetic function; it protects essential parts of your car such as the hood, fuel tank, exhaust, cooling system, and safety equipment. When you damage your bumper, this protection system becomes compromised and these parts are at risk of being damaged in future collisions, even small ones. Even if you repair your bumper each time it’s damaged, the structural integrity of your bumper is not going to be the same as it originally was. While your parts will be adequately protected after one or two bumper repair services, several accidents on the same part of your car will inevitably compromise the structure of that area. After you’ve had several accidents that result in bumper damage, consider replacing your bumper entirely rather than repairing it in order to ensure that your car is fully protected.

Avoid Underlying Bumper Damage

A bumper dent isn’t always just a bumper dent. Since your bumper protects essential parts of your vehicle, damage to your bumper can mask more extensive structural damage that may not be apparent when inspected by the car owner. Underneath the cosmetic bumper that you’re familiar with, there’s a layer of metal which provides the real bumper structure. If this part of the bumper is damaged, it needs to be repaired or replaced in order to preserve the effectiveness of the bumper. If it’s damaged repeatedly, it will no longer be able to absorb energy and any future car accidents will be much more dangerous than they would normally be. If your bumper has been damaged repeatedly, it’s advised that you take your car into a bumper repair specialist such as FR Bumper in order to have your structural bumper inspected and your cosmetic bumper replaced. 

We Provide Trustworthy Service

Here at Front Range Bumper Solutions, your safety is always our top priority. If you have minor bumper dents or body damage, we would be more than happy to provide repairs that will make your car look as good as new. However, if you have major structural damage or need an entire bumper replacement, we will always be fully transparent and recommend that you visit a body shop for your repairs. We would never accept a job that we aren’t confident in our ability to handle and that could put you at risk. We value your safety over a job, so if we can’t complete the necessary repairs to the highest standard, we’ll always be honest. 

Here at FR Bumper, we always strive to provide Denver residents with high-quality auto body repairs that you can trust. From minor body damage to extensive bumper repair, trust FR Bumper to get the job done right on time and right on budget. To receive a free estimate on your car repair or find out more about our services, give us a call today at (720) 222-5044. Our mobile bumper repair service will travel to wherever you are in Denver the complete all repairs in just a matter of hours.