How A Mobile Dent Repair Service Provides Body Shop Quality


When you get into a fender bender in Denver and need to remove minor body damage from your vehicle, taking it in to be repaired is often a major hassle. From increased insurance rates to expensive rental cars and time-consuming shop visits, nothing about the car repair process is convenient. However, here at Front Range Bumper Solutions, we are aiming to change that with our mobile bumper repair service. One of our experienced technicians will travel to you in a repair van and fully fix your vehicle’s bumper damage in a matter of hours. Although we don’t have the physical space of a body shop, we definitely have the quality. Our mobile service is able to provide the same flawless body shop repair quality due to a variety of factors.

Technicians with body shop experience

All of our repair technicians have extensive experience working in auto body shops and have performed hundreds of high-quality auto repairs. With decades of combined experience, our technicians will make sure that each repair is performed to the highest standard. Our technicians are specially trained in the proper bumper repair and repainting procedures, so you’ll receive the same standard of service as you would at an auto body repair shop. We pay close attention to detail to give you the most seamless finish every time.

Specialization in bumper repair

Our specialization in bumper and dent repair makes us able to condense our service into a mobile operation without sacrificing quality. Since we provide a select number of services, we don’t require the same range of tools that a standard auto body shop does, thereby allowing us to fit our operation inside of a van.  

Trustworthy mobile repair experts

We know our limits and would never risk our customers’ vehicle if we weren’t fully equipped to perform the required repair. That’s why we never perform mobile repairs on major body damage. If we are unable to return your vehicle back to normal, we will always recommend taking it into an auto body shop rather than attempt to fix something outside the scope of our abilities to guarantee your business. We are confident in our repair quality and are committed to trustworthy service which means you’ll always get an honest opinion when you work with FR Bumper Solutions.

Computer-matched PPG paint

Here at FR Bumper Solutions, all of our repairs are performed with top-of-the-line PPG paints and supplies. We ensure a perfect color match every time by using your car’s VIN (vehicle identification number) to find out the exact paint color required. We then blend our computer-matched PPG paints in with the surrounding area to provide a seamless look – no discoloration or patches. This is the exact process used by technicians in an auto body shop, so you’re receiving the same standard and quality of performance, just from the convenience of a mobile van.

If you need bumper repair services in Denver but want to avoid the hassle and inconvenience of taking your car to an auto body shop, call FR Bumper Solutions today. Our mobile service will come to you and repair your vehicle to the same high standard as a body shop in just a matter of hours. Call us at (720) 222-5044 today for a free quote and to schedule an appointment.