Colorado’s Biggest Hails of 2018

To non-Colorado residents, this beautiful state is known for world-class skiing and breathtaking scenery. But Colorado residents know it’s not always beautiful because of the ravaging hail storms. As the hail season comes to an end, residents are beginning to claim their hail-damage insurance. Here’s what the biggest hails of the 2018 season looked like in the Denver and Colorado Springs Area.

Denver and Surrounding Areas

On June 19, the largest hail recorded was found in Englewood, about 6.5 miles south of Denver. The 3.00-inch hail was about the size of a tea-cup which is not great for the status of an unprotected vehicle.

The second largest hail was found in Littleton, about 9.5 miles south of Denver, also on June 19. The 2.75-inch hail was approximately the size of a baseball.

The Denver area recently endured multiple hail storms in September, both of which flooded the area and left behind marble-sized damages to houses, buildings, cars, and other personal properties.

Colorado Springs and Surrounding Areas

On August 6, the largest hail recorded was found in Colorado Springs. The 4.00-inch hail was about the size of a grapefruit.

There were also other several baseball sized (2.75 inches) hails throughout the city on this day. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was profoundly affected by the storm as at least a dozen people were injured. The zoo evacuated guests and transported them to Cheyenne Mountain High School.

Colorado Springs also had a 3.00-inch hail (tea-cup sized) on June 13.

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