How PPG Paint Affects the Environment

Here at Front Range Bumper Solutions, we always want to provide our clients with only the best materials and technologies in the industries. We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our repairs, and that is only made possible through the use of market-leading supplies such as PPG paint. We utilize PPG paint at FR Bumper because it offers superior color matching and paint quality while impacting the environment far less than other types of automotive paint materials.

What is PPG paint?

PPG paint is a staple in the car repair industry. It’s manufactured by PPG Industries, a multinational corporation that supplies paints, coatings, and specialty materials to companies of all sizes and across many different industries. They’re a global leader for automotive OEM coatings and refinishing. We love PPG paint because it’s a high-quality paint product that provides years of colorfastness and gloss retention. Water-resistant, long-lasting, and water-based, PPG paints are preferred for a superior finish on all vehicle repairs and repaintings. Not only do PPG paints result in a flawless paint job, but they also allow us to safely paint your vehicle in an open environment without exposure to harsh chemicals.

What is VOC?

PPG’s water-based automotive paint was specially formulated to meet VOC legislation requirements. VOC, or Volatile Organic Compounds, are carbon-containing chemicals that are released into the atmosphere with the use of man-made products. VOC has a negative impact on air quality, especially in large quantities, so they are subject to regulation in an attempt to control VOC emission levels. PPG paints have little to no VOC emissions, depending on the product, which makes them safe to use in public and residential areas. This is advantageous for our mobile repair business model, as it enables us to safely repair your vehicle almost anywhere.

What does this mean for my vehicle’s repair?

Since there are no harsh chemicals that will affect the surrounding environment, we are able to reduce our manufacturing footprint and paint your vehicle in virtually any location without a negative environmental impact. PPG paint also provides a superior color match. Unlike traditional auto paint, there’s no need to create a sample spray card to try and match. Instead, we use your car’s VIN number and product a 100% perfectly computer-matched shade. PPG paints also have a faster drying time so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. With the help of PPG paint, we are able to provide paint services of the highest quality to residents of the entire Front Range area via our mobile repair service. Whether we’re fixing dents, scuffs, scrapes, or holes, we can finish the repair with a flawless paint job every single time. 

When you choose FR Bumper for your mobile auto repair, you can rest assured that you’re not only receiving a super repair quality, but you’re also receiving a more eco-friendly repair. We take whatever steps we can to reduce our carbon footprint, including using low-VOC PPG paint products on all of our jobs. With PPG paint, you’re guaranteed a perfect color match and decades of incredible, vibrant color. To find out more about our repair process or receive a free estimate on your damaged vehicle, give us a call today at (720) 222-5044.